Zero Plastic Waste Initiative

Zero Plastic Waste Initiative

This year we are aiming to be 100% biodegradable with our MGDRx EyeBag product. 

We will be revising the stock board that we use and replacing the varnish with a machine coating which guarantees its total biodegradability.

The plastic security seals will be replaced by paper ones.

The product itself is made from silk and 100% brushed black cotton and filled with flax/linseed.

We're doing our bit and if everyone did theirs, just imagine what our combined bits could achieve!


When your MGDRx EyeBag has come to the end of its life and its time to get a replacement, the most eco-friendly way to dispose of it would be to cut it open and remove the flax as this can go into your food waste.

The outer cloth can go into material recycling and the current packaging and leaflet goes to cardboard recycling.