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Odense, Denmark

Odense, Denmark - lecturing to 350 Danish optometrists.

TJ and HCA shooting the breeze...







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Christmas Opening Hours


We will be closing on Christmas Eve at 12 noon and returning on 2 January 2020. Orders placed online during that period will be processed...
So this is Christmas ...


Just warming up ...   Decisions, decisions...   First drink of the evening - won't be the last!   Unable to get a smile from Craig - ...
It's all Greek to me!


Teifi James and that other bloke on his way to a conference in Greece via Frankfurt. The hotel's rooftop balcony bar with a spectacular...
Orders placed between 19/8 and 2/9 - IMPORTANT INFORMATION


Our warehouse is on annual leave (19/8 - 2/9) and you may experience some delay in receiving your order. If we don't get it to you within...
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