Any high street optician or optometry practice can stock the EyeBag®. Your own optician, optometrist, contact lens practitioner, or other eye care professional can simply order EyeBags wholesale. They can obtain EyeBags either directly from us at the EyeBag® Company, or through one of our wholesalers, Mid-optic, Three Sixty or BondEye Optical.

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MGDRx EyeBag®

MGDRx EyeBag®

From £20.00

The original, effective and reusable warm compress. Heat in microwave. Reuse up to 200 times. All natural materials. Made in the UK. Release your natural oils to maintain tearfilm and ocular comfort.

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EyeBag® Instant

From £10.00

For when you don't have access to a microwave. Single use disposable warm compress. Air activated. Your ideal travelling companion.

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