Dry Eye Syndrome is the most common ophthalmic condition world wide. In the UK there are over 6 million prescriptions for dry eye drops and medications each year.

Over 90% of dry eye is evaporative and caused by Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). The normal oily secretion from these glands (meibum) is required to stabilise the lipid layer of the tear film and prevent evaporation of the aqueous portion. Effective warming of the glands releases the natural oils to restore tear film function, without introducing any foreign substance onto the ocular surface.

Thick secretions blocking the Meibomian glands with debris around the lashes

Image 1: Thick secretions blocking the Meibomian glands with debris around the lashes.


Effective eyelid warming is recommended in NICE Clinical Knowledge summaries for`:


https://cks.nice.org.uk/blepharitis - !scenario

Dry eye syndrome:

https://cks.nice.org.uk/dry-eye-syndrome - !scenario

Meibomian cyst (chalazion):

https://cks.nice.org.uk/meibomian-cyst-chalazion - !scenariorecommendation

Stye (hordeola):

https://cks.nice.org.uk/styes-hordeola - !scenario

The MGDRx EyeBag®, a reusable warm compress, which heats quickly and conveniently in a microwave, is a registered Class 1 Medical Device.

With high patient compliance, it is more hygienic ref 1 and effective ref 2, ref 3  than a hot wet flannel.

It is available on prescription and provides cost effective management for dry eye and blepharitis.

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For electronic prescribing search MGDRX EyeBag® on systM1.

One EyeBag® lasts for 6 months reducing number of prescriptions and visits.

Effective warming resolved 46% of Chalazia in a randomised controlled trial. ref Goawalla and Lee. Clinical and experimental Ophthalmology 2007; 35:706-712

Peer reviewed research shows the EyeBag® to be both safe and effective ref 4

The Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society Published the second Dry Eye Workshop Report in July 2017. Known as TFOS DEWS2 it is a comprehensive evidence based peer reviewed assessment of the current understanding of Dry Eye in 2017. It is clear that most patients with ‘dry eye’ symptoms have Meibomian Gland Dysfunction or MGD and first line treatment for MGD is an effective warm compress.

The MGDRx EyeBag® has been shown to be more effective than a hot wet face cloth and further fully referenced information about the MGDRx EyeBag® can be found in section of the DEWS2 report published in 'The Ocular Surface' on July 20th, 2017. You can obtain free access to the entire DEWS2 report through the TFOS website at http://www.tearfilm.org/

The EyeBag® Company will send details of all peer reviewed published EyeBag® references upon request through the ‘Contact Us’ link on this website. 

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