EyeBag® Instant

A great new product that offers maximum convenience when travelling or when a microwave is not to hand.

These single use disposable masks, come in a box of 8 for £10 per.


Directions for use:

Remove the mask from the sachet when you are ready to use - the mask is air activated and will begin to heat immediately, reaching optimum temperature in 2-3 minutes.

Loop it over your ears and leave in place for 10 minutes, allowing the heat to release your natural oils and relieve your symptoms.

Remove the EyeBag® Instant and use the massage technique as you would if you were using the MGDRx EyeBag®. Once the EyeBag® Instant has returned to room temperature, dispose of it in normal household waste.

It's as simple as that!

For those of you not familiar with our MGDRx EyeBag® and the eyelid massage technique, here are the instructions to get the best result from our products.


1. In order to express the liquid oil from the meibomian glands you should massage the eyelids using the index or middle finger and sweep the pad of that finger from the inner corner of the eye along the eyelid edge, to the outer corner of the eye.

2. You should start with the upper lid and put the finger pad in the corner of the eye next to the nose, just resting on the eyelid above the lashes for the upper lid and below the lashes for the lower lid, then sweep the finger gently but firmly along the eyelid to the outer end. Some people prefer to do this in a symmetrical way, using the index fingers or middle fingers of both hands, the right hand to the right eye and the left hand to the left eye simultaneously.

3. Repeat this with the lower lid, placing the pad of the finger just below the lashes in the corner of the eye and sweeping outwards towards the temple. This sweeping massage action can be repeated 5 to 10 times over about 30 seconds immediately following the warming.

4. It is important to do this massaging technique as described and neither to be too gentle with the massage nor too firm. It should be relatively comfortable and you should not be pressing hard enough to actually hurt your eyeball under the closed lids. The massaging should always take place with the eyes shut.


Discontinue use if skin sensitivity occurs.
If you have any doubts, please consult your eyecare professional before use.
After use, dispose in normal household waste.
This product is Air Activated. Open only when ready to use.

Download Instructions For Use