How do I get an EyeBag®?

You can order an EyeBag® via our secure payment portal which you can find here.

Alternatively you can buy from your local optician. See if your local optician stocks the EyeBag by using our helpful stockists function.

How do I use the EyeBag®?

Each EyeBag® comes with a detailed leaflet with full instructions for use and information about dry eye.

If you misplace this leaflet, please download here

How long does an EyeBag® last?

If your EyeBag® becomes frayed and the flax contents start to leak, discard your EyeBag® and obtain a new one.

Your EyeBag® will need replacing after about 6 months of regular use.

How do I heat the Eyebag® without a microwave?

Although the EyeBag® is designed for heating in a microwave, it may be heated in other ways. In order to help you with this we have created an instruction manual, this can be downloaded as Word Document or Pdf Document. If you are unable to read either of these files, then please contact us and we will provide assistance.