What is the EyeBag®?

When should I use an EyeBag®?

Why does the EyeBag® treat dry eye conditions

The EyeBag® is a cost-effective treatment for dry eye conditions

How does the EyeBag® work?

The Eyelid Massage Technique

What are the risks?

How do I clean the EyeBag®?

Can I use the EyeBag® if I wear contact lenses?

What is the EyeBag® made of?

I don’t have a microwave – can I still use an EyeBag®?

The Evidence for the EyeBag®

Ask your local optician for an EyeBag®

When should I replace my EyeBag®?


MGDRx EyeBag®

MGDRx EyeBag®

From £20.00

The original, effective and reusable warm compress. Heat in microwave. Reuse up to 200 times. All natural materials. Made in the UK. Release your natural oils to maintain tearfilm and ocular comfort.

MGDRx EyeBag® Information

EyeBag® Instant

EyeBag® Instant

From £10.00

For when you don't have access to a microwave. Single use disposable warm compress. Air activated. Your ideal travelling companion.

EyeBag® Instant Information