"I recently used your disposable eye bags® on holiday and would like to put on record how pleased I was. They are so convenient and easy-to-use. A brilliant product - thank you. "

C. Lancefield

" Have sufferred from dry eye syndrome for years. In 2008 it got so bad I had myself referred to local eye hospital, diagnosed as having Blepharitis, MGD and was put on several weeks of Doxycycline. I never found all the advice to use hot flannels and eye lid cleansing very helpful. Had given up on ever wearing contact lenses even for short periods. Found your eyebag® on Amazon two weeks ago with very good reviews so tried it myself. It has been absolutely brilliant, far more effective than hot flannels and so easy to use. Have recently tried contact lenses again for short period and could wear them ok so the eyebag® must be working. My eyes and lids look much better too. Have just found two local stockists so will be buying another plus telling my optician about this. "

Fiona, Bristol

" I have been using the eye bag® for a while and it has worked wonders better than any other treatment for dry eyes. "

Patel, Leicester

" I bought an eyebag® in November and it has really (sounds an exageration I know)really changed my life!! Prior to the eye bag® by lunch time each day my eyes had become very sore and I would have to have a nap just to restore some lubrication--I have been diagnosed with SLK ( opthamologists in Newport and Cardiff)-prescribed various drops, plugs inserted in tear ducts and cyclosporin eye ointment on special prescription from Moorfields--all these bought little relief--the ointment I used for a month and it actually made my eyes not only really sore but very red. Since using the eye bag® it is not compulsory to nap in the afternoon--I use it at lunch time and then again early evening so that my evenings are fairly normal now. I've told my GP about the eyebag® and suugests he spreads the news. Hope someone finds this useful--the eyebag® gives me bag so much eye comfort. "

Jill Blake, Abergavenny

" Hi,I met you at Opto3000 in 2010 where I bought one of your Eyebags. I love it! It's been fantastic when my eyes have been sore after working all day. It doesn't seem to be retaining its heat all that well though so i'm going to go to my local stockist and get a new one (PLM Optometrists). I just wanted to let you know that it works so well I am buying a new one. All the bestCarri Walker. "

Carri Walker, Dunfermline

" I love the eyebag® so much I've bought another one as a present for a friend! "

Helen Johnston, Sussex

" I have just bought the third Eye Bag®, this time for an elderly relative. The previous two bags have been so well received by (1) my wife and (2) a friend because they have experienced great relief from their dry eye problems. They have found it easier to use than the traditional eye drops with all the associated distress. "

David Baker, Arbroath, Scotland

" Brilliant product. Has given me relief from dry eyes when nothing else has. "

Liz, Sussex

" I really recommend the Eye Bag® for anyone who has a chalazion or blepharitis. A couple of months ago I got 3 chalazions on the trot and an eye surgeon recommended I have them cut out. But I decided to use the Eye Bag® instead and within a matter of weeks the chalazions had gone and so far, they have not returned. The Eye Bag® was easy to use, easy to buy and replace and I strongly recommend them - And no, I do not work for the company or have a financial interest in the business ! "

Paul, London

" After completing nearly two years' treatment for breast cancer, I have been left with some long-lasting minor side effects. During treatment with Herceptin I started developing styes, for the first time in my life, and recently my eyes have been itching badly. Two days ago I visited my optician for my annual eye test and mentioned this problem, and she diagnosed blepharitis. She gave me detailed instructions about dealing with this and also a printed sheet she had prepared and recommended Supranettes as an alternative to water and baby shampoo/sodium bicarbonate. I have been following her basic instructions for the last two days.On reaching home I had searched online for information blepharitis and on www.patient.co.uk found a very similar set of instructions, plus a recommendation for the Eyebag. I immediately ordered an Eyebag® and Supranettes via Amazon and received them this morning. They make the whole process of treating my eyes more pleasant and less messy, and I am truly grateful for these excellent products.With thanks, Jill Ziegler "

Jill Ziegler (Mrs), Buckinghamshire

" After suffering for months with Blepharitis in both eyes and numerous visits to the eye infirmary to have them lanced or to be given massive doses of Antibiotics, I eventually paid privately to visit a specialist.He told me that lancing and operating on my eyelids would be ineffective as the lubricating secretions in my eyes were too thick and the ducts were becoming blocked and inflamed and eventually infected. " I had pus coming from mine".His advice was simple, put your head over a bowl of steaming water," which I had already found to be ineffective."He then Advised me to order an eye bag® from the Eye Bag® Company which he highly recommended.It showed results in a couple of days and I am very happy to say that for the past 2 years, I have been completely free from blepharitis or sore eyes. If I do feel any soreness coming on I just stick the eye bag in the microwave, lie back and relax for 10 minutes and let it do what it says on the box!Excellent product! "

Geoff Austin, Lanchester

" I have suffered from blepheritis for many years, with associated red, itchy eyes and constant infections. I tried baby shampoo, various eye lotions, hot flannels, bicarb, etc but no real improvement. Since using the eyebag® the symptoms have virtually disappeared in about four days! As soon as I get any itching I use the eyebag® and it clears up almost immediately. From my experience I can say eyebags® work. "

Rebecca Whitby, Stow-on-the-Wold

" I bought an EyeBag® about 4 weeks after I had my cornea transplant as I was diagnosed with MGD & severe dry-eye. I would highly recommend to anyone thinkng of getting one. "

Wendy Dickson, Dalgety Bay, Fife

" cannot believe how quickly the eyebag® arrived, less than 24 hours after purchase and on Christmas Eve! Thank you so much. My boyfriend suffers from painful sore eyes and this has immediately soothed them and reduced inflammation. He'll be much happier on Christmas Day thanks to your prompt delivery and I really appreciate it. Merry Christmas! X "

Charlotte, Newcastle

" I purchased your eye bag® off Amazon, which I received on Monday 23rd Dec 2013, I have tried it out and I have to say I'm very impressed. "

Rebecca Stainton, Barrow in Furness Cumbria

" I am very impressed with this product; not only the EyeBag® itself, which is very high-quality, but also the impressive packaging, the detailed documentation and information booklet accompanying the EyeBag, and the apparent care, attention and pride given to providing a great UK-made item. I was very pleasantly surprised when I received the parcel through the post. "

Peter, Haarlem

" I would just like to say how much this has helped my dry eyes. It is an excellent product which is very easy to use. I would thoroughly recommend it to friends and
family. "

Margaret Davison, Berwick-upon-Tweed