The EyeBag® Company Charitable Policy

The EyeBag® Company Supports the Vision 2020 'Right to Sight' initiative by pledging to give 10% of company profit to help fund this project.

The VISION 2020 LINKS Programme was established in 2004 to improve the quality and quantity of eye care training and services, particularly in Africa where there is a dire shortage of trained health workers.

There are currently 28 VISION 2020 LINKS between NHS Trust eye departments in the UK and hospitals in Africa, working together to address the priority needs for training and capacity-building of their African partner hospital. As well as contributing to reducing unnecessary blindness worldwide, LINKS promote global understanding of eye care needs, build international friendships and enhance staff motivation.

The EyeBag® Company encourages other commercial organizations worldwide, to work with the 'Eye Community' by making a similar commitment from now until the year 2020.

To learn more about the VISION 2020 LINKS Programme at the International Centre for Eye Health, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine,

To learn more about the global VISION 2020 initiative visit: Vision 2020