The EyeBag® is made of silver silk on one side and a thick black 100% cotton fabric (called moleskin because of its texture) on the other. It is filled with flax seeds (linseed).

Flax seeds are used because of their size, shape and density. These properties allow the EyeBag® to settle down into position easily and conform well to the shapes of different faces whilst also retaining warmth well.

Flax does not give off an unpleasant odour when warmed in the microwave and there are no aromatic or herb fragrances added to the EyeBag®. This reduces the risk of sensitivity or allergic irritation of the eyelids from scented volatile oils.


MGDRx EyeBag®

MGDRx EyeBag®

From £20.00

The original, effective and reusable warm compress. Heat in microwave. Reuse up to 200 times. All natural materials. Made in the UK. Release your natural oils to maintain tearfilm and ocular comfort.

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EyeBag® Instant

From £10.00

For when you don't have access to a microwave. Single use disposable warm compress. Air activated. Your ideal travelling companion.

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